Dana Group for marketing and real estate investment

We are Dana Group for Marketing and Real estate investment to provide ourselves as one of companies specializing in Marketing and Real Estate investment Arab Republic of Egypt.

Company’s activity:

Marketing projects established in new cities (inside and outside of projects of all categories).

Marketing and resale units inside and outside projects

Marketing Land Residential – Commercial – Industrial – Entertainment – Services – Agriculture – Touristic Villages

A special section of the work of internal and external finishes of the buildings at competitive prices to market high quality and speed of performance and execution under the supervision of professional engineers and specialists in this field since more than (15) a year.

The company also makes contracts with new projects to market the entire project and has the potential to reach the target of the client.

The company full availability of the items eligible for the Department of Marketing and Sales.

Inform the company of the horizontal expansion and spread to cover all sectors.

The company is looking for horizontal expansion and spread to cover all sectors.

Preparation of marketing studies and to devise ways of marketing at home and abroad, especially for projects of high-level.

Future Plan:

The company is currently studying the support of international cooperation with foreign companies specialized in real estate investment to attract investors interested in investing – commercial – industrial – service – provide all the entertainment, experiences and proposals to facilitate the work projects

We are agents for:

Sodic  – Palm Hills – Royal Gardens and others

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